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      Social Responsibility Policy

         1. COMPEQ CSR Representative:Director C. C. TUNG.
         2. SA8000:Social Accountability 8000 International standard
         3. RBA:Code of Conduct - Responsible Business Alliance
         4. ISO45001:Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
         5. ISO14001:Environmental Management System

         6. About SA8000 & RBA:
             (1) Prohibition of child labor
             (2) Prohibition of forced and compulsory labor: All work should be
                  voluntary, and workers have the right to freely resign or terminate
                  their employment relationship at any time.  
             (3) Working hours: clearly stipulate a reasonable working hours
                  management mechanism (seven days off and one working hour 60
                  hours) in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, caring
                  about and managing employees' attendance status, and reasonably
                  and arranging employees' working hours, rest and vacation.
             (4) Salary: Salaries paid to workers should comply with all relevant
                  salary laws and regulations, and wage deductions as a disciplinary
                  measure are prohibited.
             (5) Non-discrimination: Promise employees to avoid harassment and i
                  llegal discrimination. Do not discriminate against employees in
                  employment or actual work because of race, color, age, sex, sexual
                  orientation, race, disability, pregnancy, beliefs, political affiliation,
                  membership in society, or marital status.
             (6) Humane treatment: Employees are free from harsh and inhuman
                  treatment, including any form of sexual harassment, physical
                  punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse.  
             (7) Freedom of association and collective bargaining power: respect
                  and protect the rights of employees to assemble freely and
                  collectively bargain, and set up effective communication channels.  
             (8) Health and safety: Provide employees with occupational health and
                  safety training in their native language, and display health and
                  safety related materials in conspicuous places in the workplace.
             (9) Environmental protection: comply with laws and international
                  standards, eliminate hazards and reduce occupational safety and
                  health risks to establish a safe and healthy working environment,
                  promote worker participation and consultation, and continue to
                  improve to enhance safety and health performance.
          (10) Follow ethical standards: comply with clean operation, no
                 illegitimate gains, information disclosure, intellectual property rights,
                 fair trade advertising and competition, and confidentiality

         7.Social Responsibility Policy:
            (1) Follow the related international norms of social responsibilities, and local
                 government promulgated the labor, environment protection and labor safety laws
                 and regulations, as well as fulfills the corporate social responsibility
            (2) Maintain employee human right, ensure their safety and promote physical and
                  mental health in order to protect employee and interest of other stakeholders.
            (3) Implement of the commitment against environment safety policy, take into account 
                  both business growth and environmental protection, to achieve the goal of
                  sustainable development.
            (4) Compliances with ethic policies and respect the intellectual property rights.
            (5) Counseling suppliers, ask them to meet the standard of social responsibility
            (6) Maintain and promote the long-term relationship between corporation, employee,
                 union, stakeholders and other good neighbors.

      We take effective actions to comply with the requirements of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. Please also fully comply with the requirements of RBA and SA8000. RBA link: http://www.responsiblebusiness.org

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